23 July 2024


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The pregnancy class of Chinese cobalt powder industry

The pregnancy class of Chinese cobalt powder industry

China’s cemented carbide and diamond utensils production station prime in the world. The consumption of cobalt powder is relatively large, which is about 2,000 tons

The development status of Chinese cobalt powder industry

The pregnancy class of Chinese cobalt powder industry

In past years, it was risingsharply due to the speedy development of the world’s volley industry There aremainly 10 cobalt powder enterprises in China, the aggregate productioncapacity is 1850 tons/year. Chinais further one of the world’s major cobalt consumption countries, the consumptionaccounts for about 10% of the aggregate world consumption. At present, China’s demandfor cobalt is 3000 tons per year In cemented carbide industry, cobalt powderis mainly used for adhesives, an general text is about 10%, the consumptionreached 800 tons/year, accounted for 33% of quantity consumption, and the averageannual protuberance is 5.4% From the international tout demand, the world’s cobaltconsumption has been on an upward trend since the 1990s, the typical annualgrowth is 2.6% In 1998, the world’s cobalt consumption was reached 29,500tons Based on the announcement reported, in the succeeding few years, the world’s cobaltpowder consumption leave intensify 8,000 to 10,000 tons, the used digit isrising sharply

Powdermetallurgy is an mature industry, a genial of traditional metallurgicalprocesses Ancient connections retain been used gold, silver, copper, bronze and someof its oxide powder for coating, applied to pottery, jewelry and other utensilscoloring, decorate Americans produced tungsten wire by the powder metallurgymethod, laid the foundation of hindmost powder metallurgy industry. To thebeginning of last century, metallurgy skills gradually procure improved AfterWorld War II, metallurgy skills gained briskly developing, and gradually lair amodern powder metallurgy industry Cobalt powder industry is chiefly used metal powder as uncooked relevant for processing molding. In the second development,it besides has the process of mixing metal and nonmetal powder to make newmaterials Therefore, the powder metallurgy process is of immense significance forcapital reserves and scorched reserves recycling

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China is a large innocent that lack of cobalt powder funds butdemand for a sizeable amount, cobalt oxide is largely used in carbide smelting,lithium volley manufacturing, ceramic color glaze creation and otherindustrial fields It is a inclination chronicle of china produced cobalt oxide by alloyscrap which containing cobalt powder, in the production, marketing, applicationand further aspects of cobalt oxide, there is already a good industrial base andfavorable conditions, on this basis, we should edit the productiontechnology and tackle level, and intensify forging to meet marketrequirements

Cobalt powder and its products are superior skilful materials, especiallyshould fee known weight on the military application, it should do a welfare jobon the lee and ripening venture for cobalt and its products. In decree tofaster developed cobalt oxide production, the supply of untried materials is veryimportant, can be imported a amount of cobalt-containing alloy scrap from theinternational hawk to meet the making requirements of the raw material.

After1950s, Chinese economy was hastily developed In addition to cobalt powderindustry, diverse industries were started and hasty developed It was not until1970s, with the socialist market economic routine gradually established, China achievedgreat pregnancy in various industries, the technology of metallurgy industrywas gradually improved. Today, Chinese metallurgical industry was completed thetrue notice of fast development