19 July 2024


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Make Your Work Easier With Fellowes Accessories

Make Your Work Easier With Fellowes Accessories

If you’re recital this, chances are you’realready the proud owner of a Fellowes office machine, whether it’s acomb binder, laminator, or shredder. But did you recognize that Fellowes notonly makes goodly office machines, but they make welfare accessories aswell?Read on to find out some of the great accessories available from Fellowes

Make Your Work Easier With Fellowes Accessories

Make Your Work Easier With Fellowes Accessories

If you’re enumeration this, chances are you’realready the proud host of a Fellowes office machine, whether it’s acomb binder, laminator, or shredder But did you notice that Fellowes notonly makes immense office machines, but they make gain accessories aswell? Not only can these products cherish your productivity, some of themare also requisite for properly maintaining your gadget so you cancontinue to rely on it for years to come. Read on to find out some ofthe goodly accessories available from Fellowes

Cutting-Edge Supplies

If you obtain a Fellowes rotary trimmer in your office, you’ll be pleasedto recognize that the group offers a span of goodies to retain youtrimming Replacement cutting strips are available so you can procure aclean indentation every instance you use your trimmer These are available in both12″ and 18″ lengths And the instance bequeath come when you dearth to replaceyour trimmer’s blade. Fellowes has a gloss for that too, and you canchoose between a instruments only containing straight blades or you can procure onewith wavy, scoring, and perforating blades to apportion your think aunique look.

Hot and Cool Laminating Tools

Owning a laminator procedure that you want to purchase laminating supplieson a regular impetus Laminating pouches are essential and Fellowes makesboth hot and cold pouches in a variety of sizes You can use Fellowespouches to laminate both small documents (like ID cards) and largerones, such as menus. These are finished for use with your laminator andFellowes furthermore gives you the alternative of using self-adhesive laminatingsheets if you dearth to use those instead Also, cleaning your laminatoris important, especially since compound can build up on the machine’srollers, leading to jams Luckily, Fellowes makes special roller wipesthat make it attainable to hygienic your Jupiter or Venus laminator And ifyou’re just obtaining started with your laminator, Fellowes haslaminating kits that contain all you deficiency to obtain laminating.

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Supplies That Bind

In postscript to offering some of the most innovative necessary machinesavailable, Fellowes makes binding supplies so your documents can lookprofessional in every comprehend every juncture you loop From plastic combs topre-punched compulsory covers, brochure tabs to wire compulsory spines, Felloweshas the correct supplies for your compulsory think And if you’re the typeof partner who balks at ordering 100 plastic mandatory combs at once,you’ll feelings this: Fellowes offers combs in a 25-pack so you won’t windup with a band of idle combs Thoughtful of them, huh?

Shredder Stuff

Did you sense that oiling your paper shredder is the single mostimportant item you can do to maintain it? It’s true and Fellowes makesshredder oil to aegis you do moderate that This oil comes in a 12 ozbottle that can be used in self-oiling machines, such as the C-220CiAlso, many Fellowes shredders retain a built-in storage compartment inthe wastebasket domain so you can feeble storage your shredder oil andwaste bags Fellowes furthermore manufactures the bags, so you can be sure thebag you’re using commit properly splice your machine’s wastebasket, leadingto easier clean-up when it’s situation to drain the bag.