15 July 2024


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A Special Man’s Triumph In The Gold Rush!

A Special Man’s Triumph In The Gold Rush!

Thomas F. Seymour is a 48 year terminated man, from West Hartford CT He was .. with polio as a child Thomas has never really had the use of his legs. He has further been burdened his flawless life with a

A Special Man’s Triumph In The Gold Rush!

A Special Man's Triumph In The Gold Rush!

Thomas F Seymour is a 48 year former man, from West Hartford CT He was diagnosed with polio as a kid Thomas has never really had the use of his legs He has also been burdened his full life with all the further challenges that polio can take with it The day I met Thomas at his home for the best time, he was in the middle of his yard spreading a collection of mulch, 8 feet sweeping and 5 feet tall. He did this while seated on the instigation with a shovel He looked up at me, and smiled, as he oral “Good Day” I then took dictate of a garden of brutal flowers and vegetables, impressive enough to make any farmer jealousI moderate had to assume of the obstacles that he has had to overcome every day of his life Daily tasks, most of us move for granted, can be case obsessive and strenuous for someone with Thomas’ disability I retain never observed Thomas complain, or allow himself to be form back by challenges. The perspective from a partner like Thomas F Seymour has on success, is from a much different dot of prospect It is a perspective all of us can learn fromThomas told me, when we boon met, that all he wanted was “money, coming to him, in the mail from everywhere”,”I would fairly bear only a dollar from thousands of folks than to bring a thousand dollars from one” Said Thomas With this conviction in temper he started his finest online business “The Gold Link.” http://wwwtgoldlinkcom. He was delicate able to recess the fee on rangy excellence oppressive 14kt Italian gold, with an Internet low of $10 per gram His pricing allowed Thomas a uncommonly competitive status in his online undertaking He now had the best cranny to procure gold on the Internet, but .. it was potential in the woodsThe blessing real hurdle Thomas ran into was recipience traffic to his online scullery For 3 years Thomas persisted with the Gold Link with the trophies card processing fees and webhosting fees eating into his low monthly profits To make things worse he invested a large agreement of budgetary with many ineffective Internet marketer’s.His turn around came, when he aphorism an ad for “Guaranteed Front Page Placement in all the Major Search Engines for subservient $100″ (This can be found at http://wwwrhinoswebcom/frontpagehtml) Thomas bought the book, and discovered, he could curb the objective engines and welfare some actual targeted traffic to his Gold Link Website This worked so well for him the author, and asked me for traineeship in other marketing tactics This led to our meeting I met Thomas in his third year of owning the Gold Link, and he told me of his obstacles He had given away thousands of dollars for a govern page pursuit machine placement that never came. As well as more rangy traffic promises former musty His major query was a need of traffic, which equaled deficiency of sales, and that equaled a loss However, Thomas never entertained quitting. Not even familiar He has been budding and adding fresh businesses to his multiple income streams on a usual cause His succeeding envisage leave be an Internet Mall.”What will you do with your success now Thomas?” I asked “Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal or dream” Said Thomas “My goal and daydream is to footslog again I’d willingly like an opportunity be a juncture inspect patient for any Doctor looking to try a leg transplant or robotics/bionics. Since no one has taken me up on that yet, I’ll just, make enough budgetary with my Gold Link site that I’ll buy them in a few years” In a globe where Thomas F Seymour was challenged by physical limitations, he found a way to euphoria He took his eyes off of his obstacles, and focused on opportunities, until he avowed his. The Internet took away any physical limitations He knew he could compete with multimillion dollar startup dotcom’s and win The Internet has truly leveled the playing sector for all of us.Please visit and bookmark the “Gold Link” now at http://www.tgoldlinkcom. Gold is on sale there now, for an incredible low of $8.50 per gram To new visitors, The Gold Link is giving away 100% FREE cellphones, 100% FREE TV satellites with 100% FREE Installation for a limited situation The Gold Link can also be contacted by calling (860) 232-8302 .

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